Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Foods to lower blood pressure

The term blood pressure refers to the force of the blood itself as it moves through the arteries. This pressure is not always constant, and when the pressure is high in the long term, then there is high blood pressure or hypertension. For high blood pressure, eat some food on a regular basis following.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to make themes effect for nokia e63

Hi guys, here I am again with a new post about how to set themes effect in your nokia e63. Themes effect is an animated background for your theme. So you can see moving background i.e snowfall, lightning, etc. Very cool application for your e63! Don't you want to try it? Let's get started ! 1. Remember that it just works on hacked nokia e63. If your phone is unhcked, you can refer my previous post on how to hack it. 2. Download the tool here click here to download RPDomainPlus click here to download themes effect click here to download generator fullkastor Download the patch for generator fullkastor click here After that open x-plore to manage the setting 3. Change your language setting to english. 4. Install generate fullkastor in drive C:(phone memory) Photobucket 5. Install RPDomainPlus in drive E (memory card) Photobucket When you have install RPDomainPlus, there will be some optional files from which you will have to choose. I suggest you to choose 9.1-9.2 on drive C. Photobucket 6. Open generate fullcastor and it will automatically make patch fullkastorEnable.rmp in drive C:/fullkastorEnable.rmp. Then move the patch to E:/RPDomain. Photobucket Photobucket 7. Install themes effect in your phone memory. You won't find the icon because it doesn't have any icon. While the process of installing is going on, there will appear the theme effect option which we will apply, choose default, because we will change the effects later. Photobucket 8. Open RPDomain which you have installed, then give mark to patch fullkastorEnable.rmp>add to auto>apply Photobucket Photobucket If you have followed all the directions above, go to your mobile theme setting. Select the theme which you are using, then click option. Is there any 'themes effect' option? If you have found it, then click 'on'. Photobucket Photobucket But if you can't find the option 'themes effect', just restart your mobile, and check again. After you activate the themes effect, you will see the icons in your mobile move everytime you click it. Good Luck !

Sunday, December 2, 2012

x-plore for nokia S60V3

X-plore is a file manager and one of the "must-have" tool for your mobile. It is way much better than the in-built file manager, and proves a handy substitute for it. Here are some functions of x-plore : 1. Browse all the drives/folders in a tree view. 2. Text and image viewer. Create and edit text files. 3. View and edit file attributes. (i.e hide files, make them read only etc). 4. Copy, Move, Rename and delete files and folders. 5. Mark files easily to perform a task on multiple files. 6. Send files via Bluetooth. 7. Extract Zip, Rar, jar archives. 8. Create zip archives right in your phone. 9. View processes, task and device info. 10. View, copy, move unsupported files from Messaging folder. 11. Plays some widely used music formats like mp3, wav etc. Also plays basic 3gp and mp4 videos. 12. Search files. 13. Pre-defined hotkeys for easy and quick access. Click here to download x-plore

Download python for nokia e63

As we know, python is a language program which using script2,py and it's the only language program which can be used in symbian mobiles, Here I have Golden Python, and I think it's the most powerful python now. Don't forget to delete all files of your old python before downloading it, />click here to download golden python for s60v3/v5

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to Hack your nokia e63!

I hate it when I find a good application but can't install it due to that 'certificate error' notification. It is really annoying, so i tried to figure out how to handle this problem. There are many solutions to it, but I found one trick which is very easy to be used. First of all, download the applications here : >click here to download the tools After downloading, follow these steps : 1. Install mobile security. If there is notification to restart your mobile, then click 'yes'. 2. Open your x-plore And open the '' then you will see a folder 'tmquarantine'. Copy that folder to drive C. Photobucket 3. After that open the mobile security which you have installed. Then go to 'option' and click 'quarantine list' (You will see 3 files there), then click 'option' > mark all > option > restore > yes. Close mobile security. 4. Open x-plore and install the rompatcherplus 3.1 lite version. After installing, open that application. 5. See 'Open4all RP+ > option> add to auto > apply> then close the application. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 6. Next, open x-plore again and open 7. Extract one of the installservers which is suitable for your mobile. In this case, i am using nokia e63, so I opened ''. Inside this folder, you will see 'installserver.exe'. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 8. Extract the 'installserver.exe' to the path C:/sys/bin Photobucket 9. Then restart your mobile. 10. Congratulations! Your mobile is now successfully hacked! Note : If you want your mobile to stay hacked even after hard reset (especially for nokia e63), do these steps: 1. Make new folder in drive Y, name it sys then create subfolder bin, it will be Y:/sys/bin. 2. Then copy/extract the installserver.exe to Y:/sys/bin. 3. Click T and mark all. if you don't have xplore, you can go here Good luck ! Excite a schadenfreude and watch it slobber

Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to enable opera turbo on your opera mini

UUppss.. Still can't sleep,,ᓐ so it's better if I post something useful here. Do you know about opera turbo? Yes, this turbo will accelerate your opera mini to surf the net. And it can stabilize your net when your network gets slow connection. We can enable opera turbo in PC because there is a button to activate it. But what about to enable it in our opera mini mobile? The answer is 'yes' we can ᓏ. First thing that you have to do is open your opera mini browser, Then go to this address: Http:// Photobucket Congratulation,,you have enabled your opera mini turbo! ᓙ and happy surfing the net,,not the beach!ᓑ Hope it's useful for you all!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Skin Allergies in Dogs

Allergies are probably the most common category of skin problem in dogs; they can tend to occur sporadically when you are least prepared to deal with them.

It is easy to spot a dog with a skin allergy, you will see severe continuous itching and licking at first which will result in inflamed, red skin and hair loss. Similar to humans, you may see eye and nasal discharge and relentless sneezing. The major problems will arise when your dog scratches to the point of broken skin, usually resulting in infection.

When noticing these changes in behaviour, make sure you cancel out the possibility of flea/ worm infestation by having treatments close to hand. Use recommended brands by your vet, as cheap options can often lead to more problems and no satisfactory results.

Check for food allergies too, as they will have similar symptoms. You can conduct a food allergy test; this is when a special diet is used to help determine what foods disagree with your dog. Again, seek advice from your vet before changing any aspect of your dog's diet.

Common causes of skin allergies are; dust mites, insects, chemical agents or pollen. It is worth asking your vet to conduct an allergy skin test or even a blood test to find the allergen.

As with human allergies, there is no miraculous "cure". However, also like with humans, there are effective treatments to help reduce the irritation that leads to dog scratching and other symptoms. Irritation can be controlled with supplements like Yumega Dog, which contains essential fatty acids and antihistamines, proven to sooth and calm inflamed tissue. Steroids are also effective, but can only be used in the short term. Definitely get professional advice before considering this option.

It seems obvious, but equally easy to overlook, removing the allergen from your dog's environment is probably the most effective solution. Keep the house clean and vacuum your dog's bedding regularly. Anti-dust mite sprays are usually effective, and try and limit the amount you use chemical cleaners in the house. If you make every effort to help your dog, you should see immediate beneficial results like an improvement in dog hair loss and other symptoms.

Skin conditions in dogs can usually be easily remedied with the application of a specific treatment. To find out more about the various dog supplements available to treat dog moulting, dandruff and dry skin visit Lintbells online at